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"I wanted to get a spiral staircase installed in my home. The workmanship of KKM Ironworks was so impressive! They were so efficient and the end result was better than I had imagined. I would definitely recommend them to anyone."

-Y. Miller, Brooklyn, NY

"I recently purchased a new home and I wanted to install railings, doors, fences and gates. I was unsure of whom to go to so a friend of mine referred me to KKM Ironworks. I didn't know where else to turn so I figured I'd give them a shot. I was very impressed with their work. They were very helpful and professional throughout the whole process."

-T. Rosario, Bronx, NY

"Great work. Needed three new sets of staircases and KKM Ironworks got them done in no time."

-N. Buckler, New York, NY

Cellar Doors

Your old basement doors are likely to be rotting and rusting, and no longer protecting your basement from moisture, cold air or intruders. Whether damaged by accident or by normal wear and tear, your old cellar doors might no longer be performing as they should.

Wood was often used in older basement doors and wood rots easily and can lead to fungus growth. Metal that is not properly treated or painted is weakened by rust after some years if not properly maintained. Prevent the liability of a collapse under a person's weight and have your cellar doors examined for free by our consultants who will assess your existing doors for safety and security plus provide you with a free estimate for repair or replacement.

We can repair cellar doors, which have not been water damaged but often an outright replacement is the most cost effective choice you can make.

Our consultants will measure your opening for a perfect custom fit – there's no cutting of foundations or frames needed when you have a custom fabricator like TVC Ironworks working for you!

We furnish all types of cellar doors; flat or flush mount, sidewalk grates or skid-resistant diamond plate in either high quality steel or else lightweight and rust proof aluminum.

Your new cellar door will be professionally installed and sealed against all the weather elements including flooding. It will be easy to open and close with new bars and hinges and will be exactly fitted to its framed opening.

All of our cellar door installations strictly follow NYC building codes regarding ground clearance, concealed hinges and much more. Let us worry about your code compliance issues with a new cellar door that is designed and built to code from the ground up.

KKM Ironworks Installations

KKM Ironworks, Inc. has been in business serving New York's five boroughs since 1999.

Over the years we have gained a strong reputation for our dedication to each job and our exquisite craftsmanship. We work closely with our clients to make sure that we know every specification that is requested to deliver the best service possible.

Not only will you receive excellent service with KKM Ironworks, you will also find that we have some of the best prices around and you will continue to use us for all of your ironwork projects.